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Welcome to Smile Clear 3D Miami, your go-to dental clinic in Kendall, Miami, for top-notch smile makeovers. Our expert dentists are masters in creating stunning smiles with resin and Porcelana (e-max) materials. We offer everything you need for a healthy smile: orthodontics, cleanings, whitening, extractions, implants, crowns, root canals, and more. Your satisfaction is our mission. We focus on keeping your teeth healthy while providing the best care possible.


Smile MakeOver at Smile Clear 3D

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers

Revitalize your smile using Porcelain Veneers at Smile Clear 3D. For pricing and process information, check out our Porcelain Veneers section.

Composite Resin Veneers Miami

Resin Veneers

Renew your smile using Composite Resin Veneers at Smile Clear 3D. Learn about pricing and the procedure on our Composite Resin Veneers section.

Anuel's Smile Makeover

Anuel @anuel is like family here! Big thanks for trusting our team. We’re on a mission to enhance the smile that wins over millions worldwide!

Anuel @anuel feels right at home with us! Huge thanks for putting your faith in our team. We’re dedicated to boosting that mesmerizing smile that captivates millions globally!

Amanda salazar @lamusu

Amanda, @lamusu, isn’t just a patient at Smile Clear 3D; she’s become part of our family, and we’re thrilled about it! When she first came to us, her old resin smile design was in bad shape, and she was missing some back teeth.

We carefully removed the old work without harming her natural teeth and gave her a new look with top and bottom porcelain veneers tailored to her needs. She trusted us to create her dream smile: healthy, natural, and bright.

Thanks to her positive experience, she’s recommended us to friends and family. We’re incredibly grateful for her trust and support!


Smile Before and After

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